Start making decisions with your enterprise information.

  • Turn your Unmanaged files from a liability into an asset with Cognitive Analysis. Leverage Artificial Intelligence to analyze your files and identify critical information while dispensing with obsolete, redundant and trivial information. 
  • Use machine learning to understand all of your files and leverage them as assets. Minimize compliance risk, optimize enterprise search, identify business-critical documents, isolate high-risk information. Enrich data in place or move relevant information to the cloud, to existent ECM investments or even hybrid solutions. 
  • Retire the manual processes of end-user file indexing, attribution, and classification and let Artificial Intelligence do the work. Keep knowledge workers focused on their expertise and ensure access to a single version of the truth for all their content. Drive workflows and make decisions based on an understanding of file content. 

Benefits :

  • Within minutes, start seeing your data visualized with artificial intelligence. 
  • Explore and understand your enterprise data with the Shinydocs Dashboard. Use data visualization to produce file analytics across your repositories. 
  •  Make decisions based on your real data. Power workflows, migrate documents and empower employees. 

ONE ECM offers complete Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning with Leading OpenText and Kofax Solutions.