Most organizations are struggling with the staggering volume, velocity and variety of information coursing through their organizations. Few have a complete or even decent understanding of what it is, where it goes, who can use it and how. This is the major obstacle to efficiency, innovation and growth. Our new information saturated world demands a new kind of IT leader, one who looks at

technology as a business strategy. One who is building an IT organization that can drive and sustain a responsive, innovative, rapidly growing enterprise and prepare it for the future.

CEOs, CMOs and the rest of the leadership team are turning to CIOs to enable them to move fast, to identify areas of opportunity, and to enable rapid execution on new initiatives. 


EIM is not a ‘rip and replace’ approach. We know that you have Information

systems in place, almost certainly for structured data, and most likely for some kinds of unstructured as well  your website, for example. Our goal is to meet you where you are and help you go forward, by integrating with what you have now, and is designed to ensure that as the future unfolds, your EIM can grow, and evolve with it. 


Enterprise Information Management software helps businesses attain 360 degree views of their big data and analytics by streamlining organizational workflows, increasing the quality of information and creating integrated user interfaces for end users within a single source platform. ONE ECM offers EIM software systems and services that let you build a cohesive information management strategy that leverages existing assets, meets urgent needs and establishes a fast path to the future. We believe that good information strategy is good business strategy.


Intelligently automate and orchestrate business and case processes

  • AppWorks
  • Dynamic Case Management
  • Low-Code Development
  • Advanced Media Orchestration
  • Active Client Management
  • People Center
  • Contract Center
  • RFx Center
  • MCM for Life Sciences
  • Cloud Service Brokerage


Create exceptional customer and employee experiences

  • Customer Communications Management
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Marketing Optimization
  • Experience Analytics
  • Web Content Management
  • Workforce Optimization


Secure Cross-border sharing. 

  • Eliminates the risks associated with data breaches. Continued protection of sensitive data
  • Encryption follows the data wherever it goes
  • Facilitates the creation of a designated “trusted group” of people, for secure sharing
  • Trust Edit: Seamless and transparent access to protected files
  • Trusted View: A standalone program to view protected files.
  • WebView : Access protected files in a web browser.


Manage and govern the lifecycle of important electronic & physical business information.

  • Physical Records management
  • Electronics Records management
  • Auto Classification,All content types, all in one archive.
  • Accelerate your time to compliance.
  • Optimize email server and lead applications and ensure legal and organization compliance
  • Reduce litigation risk, eDiscovery and storage costs


Transforming content for productivity and control

  • Content Suite
  • Extended ECM
  • Documentum
  • ECM in the Cloud
  • eDOCS
  • Correspondence Management


Enable the seamless, secure flow of information across an extended business ecosystem of business partners, systems, and devices

  • B2B Managed Services
  • B2B Correspondence Management
  • Analytics
  • Supply Chain Automation
  • Notifications
  • Identity & Access Management
  • Internet of Things