With the excessive cost of human labor, you’re challenged by process bottlenecks and data entry errors that impact company-wide KPIs like processing times, compliance, customer responsiveness, and ultimately, your ability to innovate. RPA helps to driving efficiency by cutting down time spent on mundane but vital processes and compliance, automating manual tasks and helps free up skilled workers to apply themselves more creatively. RPA can automate manual, repetitive tasks, eliminate errors and deliver 100 percent data accuracy in industries including banking, insurance, transportation and logistics, manufacturing and finance and accounting. 

RPA software isn't part of an organization's IT infrastructure. Instead, it sits on top of it, enabling a company to implement the technology quickly and efficiently -- all without changing the existing infrastructure and systems. RPA software is particularly useful for organizations that have many different and complicated systems that need to interact together.

What differentiates RPA from traditional IT automation is the capability of the RPA software to adapt to the changing circumstances, exceptions and new situations. Once RPA software has been trained to capture and interpret the actions of specific processes in existing software applications, it can then work on data, trigger responses, initiate new actions and communicate with other systems autonomously. 

ONE ECM RPA Solutions include

  • Web data extractions
  • Process automation and
  • Content Migration / automation.