Through the ONE ECM Professional Services Organization (PSO), we offer consulting services to assist with all phases and activities comprising ECM project implementations. Our implementation approach integrates best practices in the areas of project management, quality assurance, and risk management to deliver solutions that create lasting value for client organizations.     

At ONE ECM, we believe that our customers require exceptional solutions comprised of technology, training and consulting skills — all directed and organized to ensure that you succeed. We have developed a Methodology for The Implementation & Deployment of Accelerated Solutions to ensure that we can deliver this.  Our methodology is based upon our experience of several hundred projects delivered, and provides a structured framework for our projects, resulting in quick implementation times and the rapid realization of business benefits.   

The methodology has been developed by and for ONE ECM Professional Services to provide a structured framework for the delivery of all projects to ensure high quality, reliable solutions. It incorporates the best practice for project delivery derived from the experiences and knowledge gained from implementing solutions for our clients around the globe.      

Methodology — Benefits 

  •  The methodology defines the core processes considered ‘ the best practice’ together with a range of documents, tools, and examples to assist our project managers and consultants in the daily execution of good project practice across all phases of the project life cycle.  
  • By providing consistent templates for project management, communication, and reporting tasks, the project process inherently gains quality and is clearly documented. This ensures clarity across the project team (OpenText, the customer and any partners) with regard to responsibilities, issues, specifications, and deliverable.       
  • The processes benefit from continual improvement that means customers gain access to our global pool of knowledge regarding the products, technical environments, specific applications and consulting techniques.     
  • Use of the methodology ensures the success of our projects by ensuring an appropriate solution, addressing priority needs within budget constraints  iterative implementation of the solution (functionality and/or modules)  performance and scalability of the solution in the clients' environment  successful take-up of the solution by the users  full documentation, as the base for future system evolution     

ONE ECM PSO will follow a consultative approach during the course of the entire implementation to facilitate knowledge transfer to your staff. ONE ECM PSO’s objective during the implementation will be to ensure transfer of necessary knowledge of the Enterprise Solution, such that the in-house team can effectively manage the transition and subsequently maintain the system with support from PSO.