With dedicated Customer Support specialists, you can be assured that ONE ECM takes our commitment to our customers as paramount. ONE ECM Customer Support offers experienced technical support for the operation of the IM & ECM solutions. This guarantees system availability and dependability optimizes the return on your investment in technology and ensures that you achieve your project goals. 

Program Description 

  • Subscribers may contact the regional Support Center during standard working hours by phone, email, and fax or via our Web-based Customer Support site.
  • ONE ECM Resources : All support queries are responded to by a team of experienced dedicated Customer Support employees.
  • Online Self Service :Comprehensive Customer Support Web site gives you access to an extensive knowledge base along with the ability to register and track your issues online.
  • Enterprise Support Program : As a subscriber of the standard support services, you can extend it with other support options offered by ONE ECM such as on-site support, and the 24 x 7 Support Program, which can be tailored to your organization. 


  • Improved Issues Support: Real-time support through telephone technical expertise and Web-support.
  • Enhanced Problem Analysis:Excellent problem analysis and assistance according to clearly defined response time and guidelines.
  • Call Prioritization:Prioritization of problems by urgency.
  • Free Access to Knowledge Base:A knowledge base of articles from the vendor's Customer Support and Development teams.

ONE ECM strongly believes that our relationship with our customers should not end at the initial transaction but instead, should be an on-going team approach working together to ensure a successful implementation and rollout and continuing high-level of return on their investment. As a key element of this long-term team approach, ONE ECM offers customers its Enterprise Support program as an additional option to the standard Support Services. 

The key support elements/benefits provided by Enterprise Support can include: 

Assigned Roles

  • Communication and Information.
  • Technical Service Days.
  • Proactive System Management.
  • Admin/Support Readiness.

The readiness of the Admin/Support team reduces risk around system availability and increases efficiency. This will also add to the confidence of all users of the solution, resulting in increased user adoption and higher ROI. As a follow-on to Enterprise Support Startup Program, ONE ECM will work with you to create a longer-term Enterprise Support program tailored specifically to your organizations needs taking into consideration factors such as: 

  • Mission or business critical nature of applications/business units.
  • Magnitude and Vitality of Implementation/Rollout of IM & ECM products.
  • The capacity of ONE ECM Product technical support/system management team.
  • Complexity of architecture.
  • Customer’s Support/Maintenance standards.

ONE ECM is committed to maximizing your investment in our technology to effectively leverage and enhance the ECM suite of products and solutions. Our comprehensive learning programs are designed to meet the needs of all users. Our goal is to help you develop both the technical know-how and the creative vision it takes to meet your most demanding business challenges.