Digital Information Management


 AI Powered for Automating Information Governance & Addressing GDPR. Digital Enterprise Information Management strategies are the evolution of traditional information management practices due to the explosion of data and the rise of the Information Enterprise. It enables businesses to manage Digital Transformation and secure information across the diverse and complex landscapes of organizational departments, legacy systems, corporate and regulatory policies, business content and unstructured big data. 

Information Lifecycle Management


 ILM is the practice of applying certain policies to effective information management. ILM includes every phase of a “record” , from its beginning to its end. From Capture, Classify, Manage, Retain, Hold, Archive, to Discard, leading to full Information Governance with End-to-end management as information flows through critical points. 

Secure Cross Border File Protection & Encryption


Secure Sharing & Collaboration in an easy-to-use security solution. Eliminates the risks associated with data breaches from an attack on network, cloud, device, and emails, as well as data leaks through lost or stolen devices. It enables the continued protection of sensitive data regardless of whether it is at rest or in motion. Encryption follows the data wherever it goes. 

Digital Correspondence Management


Digital Correspondence Management helps both public and private sector organizations intelligently track and improve coordination and communication for incoming and outgoing correspondence.  

Digital Media Management


Enabling the Digital World! Improve your brand's value by better managing rich media and videos with Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions. Everybody wants more rich media and video.  In today’s customer-centric environment, managing digital media is an imperative. From marketing, creative, web, ecommerce, sales to corporate communications, we all want to engage our staff, partners, customers and market with compelling and relevant information. ONE ECM's Digital Media Management solutions serve as the centralized, secure and accessible repository - whether cloud-based or on-premises - to manage digital media, branding and video.  

Methodology for Succeeding in Digital Information Management

Information management

Based on collective experience with hundreds of digital transformations and more than 200 enterprise systems. We help organizations transform their people and processes through the strategic deployment of technology. Rather than focusing strictly on the technical aspects of digital transformation, our team helps you strategically implement technology to align with your organizational goals.